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NewWest.TV is celebrating its wins on the national stage, having been a successful intervenor at the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) hearings on community television. Our submissions proved that the Cable Companies across the country have not been living up to their obligations to provide community television in compliance with the Broadcast Act. Most egregious in this respect has been Shaw Cable, the company that covers New Westminster, and which was to provide community television to our community. 2% of Shaw’s customers' cable fees (approx. $400,000 per year for New Westminster) are supposed to pay for this, but Shaw provided NO programs in many communities. We wish to right this wrong.

NewWestminster streetOUR NATIONAL PROFILE

Our work has given a high profile across Canada, thanks particularly to the persistence and hard work of the Executive Director of, Deepak Sahasrabudhe. He has spent countless hours over several years detailing the extent of community programming in communities across Canada, creating reports and attending hearings with the CRTC. worked hand in hand with the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS) in this effort.

NEW FUNDING AND PARTNERS    As we are about to begin the new year, 2020, has new funding and partners and we intend to take our programming to a new level. We have received a grant from Heritage Canada, and are working with Tri-Cities Community Television based in Coquitlam to get further funding through the Telus Community TV program and through other sponsors. In addition, we have become affiliated with the Arts Council, which we will be providing 'in kind' support in the form of space and social media promotion.
Starting in the New Year, 2020, you will be seeing regular weekly programming on our internet portal which will be all about the people, the issues, and the stories of the citizens of New Westminster.

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Our Mission

continues to be:

  • Help strengthen New Westminster's sense of community
  • Facilitate civic dialogue
  • Celebrate local culture
  • Provide a media archive of our Living History;
  • Facilitate communications between communities in New Westminster;

by facilitating the production and distribution of "hyper-local" media content on the internet.


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Our Goals

As a community television initiative, our goal is to:

  • create programs about the people, stories, and issues of New Westminster.
  • help facilitate community members, non profit groups and other organizations to get their message across through this medium.
  • train volunteers who are interested in participating in the editorial, production and promotion aspects of this work.
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For our new start, we are planning 5 new programs to be uploaded to our website for viewing online on demand each month. As the service evolves, it is hoped that organizations and groups will come forward to produce their own programs with the help of our volunteers.


We’re starting off with two program series: “Now Trending” and “City Voices”.



"Now Trending"

- A Weekly Half-Hour Interview Show
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This weekly half hour will feature interviews with people who can add depth and understanding to current civic issues and happenings, such as homelessness, affordability, renovictions, education, environment, food security and more.
Host-moderators for this show will be community leaders knowledgeable about the issues to be discussed. They will be involved in selecting interviewees, knowledge-holders, stake holders, and concerned citizens.


"City Voices"

– a monthly Town Hall ambulanceartist


Once a month, NewWest.TV will televise a live monthly town hall about a current issue for our city. Some of these events will be initiated by, while others will be town hall meetings organized by other groups in the city where records and makes the event available as an on-demand program.
The audience will participate in a Q&A session with panelists. We anticipate producing and recording Town Halls on a variety of subjects, for example, the opioid crisis, seniors in the city, addiction recovery, business issues, environmental concerns and more.


Subject Areas for both Flagship Shows

Topics discussed in both series will be wide ranging – including: homelessness, tourism, food security, business issues, the opioid crisis, environmental issues, aboriginal issues, seniors' stories, transportation, education, disability concerns, arts policies, community living, reno-victions, affordability, inclusivity and more.
Each of the many topics will be approached from the point of view of the meaning for the people here in this city of New Westminster.
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Reboot 2020 Plans

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Board Members are busily getting ready for Reboot 2020. Over the course of the next two months, they will be organizing various aspects of the project:

  • Project Management & Administration
  • Journalistic Goals and Work Plans
  • Volunteer Solicitation & Training
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Funding

We envision that programming will be launched in January. As the service evolves, more programs will be recorded and put on our portal.



Board Members, Deepak Sahasrabudhe, Susan Millar, and Johanna Bartels have the right combination of background and skills to make this project a big success. Deepak and Susan have been in the television production business since the mid-seventies. They have the management, creative, technical, journalism and business experience to make this project a reality. They established an indie documentary production company, SOMA Television Limited, that has produced over 22 multi-award-winning television documentary series made for both national and American broadcasters, primarily TVOntario, Knowledge Network, Life Network, and PBS. These programs had large and loyal audiences, and were sold world-wide.

Many of Deepak and Susan's programs had a second life on the Internet, including on HULU. They have also produced over 100 videos for a wide range of clients – non-profits, corporations, government departments, educational institutions and distributors, etc. Their programs have won 65 international awards. Many of their projects had budgets over $1.5 million and sometimes projects overlapped in their production timing.

Deepak, as lead entrepreneur for SOMA TV and other businesses he has owned, has an extensive background in finance, business and marketing. Susan's background is in journalism and documentary story telling, which is where her skills would be focussed for Reboot 2020.

Johanna Bartels is a committed community animator who has her hand in many projects in the city of New Westminster. Her entrepreneurial background working as a graphic designer for businesses, organizations and non-profits in New Westminster has given her an inside look at the people and the emerging issues of the city. She has been a member of various boards, in current years, New West Film Fest and have been her pet projects. She is also knowledgeable about social media marketing.

We will be adding new members to our Board who will bring more strengths.

Our Funders and Partners

We have recently acquired some funding for our Reboot 2020 and also a new partner, who will be providing various resources in kind.

  • • Heritage Canada – Journalism Grant

  • • Arts Council of New Westminster – space, promotion and consultation

  • • Soma Television Ltd. - equipment, expertise, insurance


Other funding sources we are approaching:

  • Telus Access TV Funding Stream for Community Television
  • New Westminster City Grant
  • Other national and local funds that focus on particular subject areas.

NewWest.TV – Our Story

NewWest.TV is an independent community television service for the people of New Westminster, BC. It is a non-for-profit society registered in British Columbia as the New Westminster Community Media Society. It began in 2014, and it has recorded a number of events, including: several all candidates meetings a few Pecha Kucha events talks and town halls put on by Environmental Partners, the Municipal Government and Peter Julian (on financial resources for disabled people) AGMs for several societies including the Royal City Farmer's Market, Royal City Literary Arts A number of international artists' talks put on by the New Media Gallery the large event around the unveiling of the “Wait for Me, Daddy” monument the opening of the Anvil Centre a Santa Claus parade the recent awarding of literary prizes Some of these programs are archived on our site. Some were livestreamed when it seemed necessary. With no funding and no space, NewWest.TV has diminished in recent years, but with new funding and space made available through the Arts Council, the service is ready to Re-Launch and get a sustainable footing in the community.

Members of the Board

Deepak Sahasrabudhe

Deepak has been a long-time proponent of community television, which has dwindled over the years as cable companies have not been fulfilling their obligations to sustain community television as required by the Broadcast Act. He initiated NewWest.TV a few years ago and has been working diligently, first locally, and in the last few years, nationally, to ensure the re-birth of community tv. He was heavily involved in submissions to the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) regarding community television's demise – the CRTC found BC's major cablecaster, Shaw, to be in non-compliance with respect to this issue – and is also involved in a collective? suit against the company to retrieve lost funds which are considerable. Deepak has had a impressive career in the television business having had a company, Soma TV, which made over 22 multi-award winning television documentary series. He has also been involved in a number of other areas in the business including video captions – he brought the technology to Canada – involvement with producers associations, among others.

Susan Millar

Susan was partner in Soma TV and involved in guiding it's direction as well as the development and creation of the aforementioned television series as well as over 100 videos for a wide variety of clients. As Creative Producer, Susan shaped the many series, taking the process from conception to completion – proposal development to edit final. As Head Writer, she has written or overseen many writers, chosen key creative personnel, and taken roles as interviewer, host, director, and editing consultant on many programs. Susan has been involved with NewWest.TV since its inception. Having happily lived in this city for over a decade, she has developed a good knowledge of the people and the issues.

Johanna Bartels

Johanna has also been involved with NewWest.TV since it began, being a major booster for the importance of community television. Johanna is very community minded and has been involved in many socially driven organizations, and with the City of New Westminster and business organizations. Her commitment to community can be seen in her involvement with .... Her thoughtful and insightful ideas and concerns add an important element to NewWest.TV's strategic planning. Her stellar graphic design skills are also useful and well-appreciated, (as they are by many organizations in the city).

We will be looking to expand our board in the next few months.